The Furniture Leg Caps:

  • Designed & Engineered to be as universal as possible, our Furniture Leg Caps can fit upto 89% of furniture legs with little fuss or time wasted. We developed these Furniture Leg Caps with Commercial intent in mind, which means we designed our Chair Caps to be used in such places such as Restaurants / Hotels / Aged Care / Cafes / Schools & Chapels.


We Guarantee:

  • Our Chair Caps Easily Outlast Generic Furniture Leg Protectors you would otherwise locate in local hardware stores or elsewhere online. We Offer Commercial Grade Durability / Universal Application & Guaranteed Satisfaction!


Chair Cap Architecture:

  • We have a selection of rich ergonomic designed Furniture Caps that are artistically engineered to offer a very curated fit & finish for your furnitures design elements. With Multiple Sizes & a Variety of Shapes, we really have you covered!


What do we offer different to our competitors?:

  • Did you know furniture makes up for the vast majority of floor damages? It's a Multi Million Dollar Industry for Carpenters & Warehouses.

  • We Guarantee Our Chair Caps Will Help Protect Your Floors & Furniture from Unwanted Floor Damages for Much Longer then Competitor products. Our Furniture Leg Caps Offer Exceptionally Strong Commercial Grade Durability Made to Last!

  • We Guarantee Increased Furniture Lifespan*. Yes that's right. How? Our Felt Products Offer Minimal Furniture to Flooring Resistance. This Equates To Less Stress On Furniture Joints.

  • Did you know (Furniture Caps) are just as Important to Furniture as Tires are for Cars?? Why? Occupant Safety - Chair Wobbles - Freak Accidental Toe Amputation Due to Sharp ended Furniture Legs & Furniture Leg Corrosions. These are just some of the reasons why Furniture Leg Caps are so important.

  • A Bonus is Reduced Furniture Noise & Reduced Furniture Wobbles which also falls under Occupational Health. Why Risk Sitting People on Furniture that's a Potential Hazard?


 How fast can I get my NEW furniture leg protectors?:

  • Your orders are stocked and sent out from our warehouse based on the Gold Coast the day of purchase! We use both Standard & Express Postal Services which helps drastically cut down delivery times for our clients!
  • Oh..! I Almost forgot. We offer 7 Days a week Contact. We look forward to helping you find the right item for your floor & furniture needs!