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Black Felt Sled Chair Clip-on Glide | 10-13mm - Floor Protection!

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How to measure and install your new sled chair clip on glides

Eliminate scratches caused by sled chairs with Felt Clip-on Glides!

Our secure nylon casing clamps securely to your sled chair rails, preventing any free-spinning. Our special fabric blend guarantees smooth whisper-quiet Chair Gliding! Our glides last upto 10x longer than generic stick-on pads...

Smooth gliding is applicable for a variety of surfaces such as Timber / Vinyl / Tile / Cement etc. Stop both Chair Noises / Floor scratches & Wobbles in one easy glide.

Easily attach to 10mm to 12mm Sled Rails (13mm at a squeeze).

Forget temporary fixes and say hello to dependable floor protection with Felt Clip-on Glides! 


  • Glides Over - Timber / Tiles / Vinyl & Ceramic Flooring.
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Adds an additional 7mm* height to the sled chair.
  • Reduces chair noises
  • Reduces chair wobbles


  • Fit 10mm to 12mm Comfortably - (13mm at a Squeeze)
  • Hight - 16mm | 7mm Chair Lift
  • Length - 29mm
  • Width - 17mm

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