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Black Sled Chair Clip-on Glide - Floor Protection!

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How to measure and install your new sled chair clip on glides

Black Clip-on Glide

Don't waste any more time or money on quick & cheap results. If you're serious about a solution, look no further.

The Black Clip-on Glide Delivers a rugged long-lasting nylon encasing. This enables a tight hold on the sled chair bars ensuring no free-spinning will occur.

A simplistic yet practical solution to replace old worn-out discoloured Sled Chair Clips.


  • Glides Over - Timber / Tiles / Vinyl & Ceramic Flooring
  • It helps Stop Scratching & Marking
  • Adds up to an additional 5mm in height
  • Reduces chair noises
  • Reduces chair wobbles


  • 1: Before applying your Clip-On Glide. Wipe clean the rail of the sled chairs so it removes any remaining debris.
  • Note: Is the size you've bought spinning around the rail? Please double-check first that you've ordered the correct size. If not, we can organise an exchange for the correct size.

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