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Gecko Disk Furniture Leg Glides

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How Does It Help?:

The Gecko Disk Slides (Flip Over Caps) help prevent premature wear and tear of furniture legs whilst aiding in protecting the floors they're subject to be placed on.

What Can I Expect?:

The unique 'disk' shape Drastically helps Slide Bulkier Furniture across a range of smooth surfaces with little to no effort! No more Furniture snags!

Super Resistant to sticky flooring (Perfect For Pub Surfaces and Home Rugs or Carpets). 

What You'll Love:

  • Enables Your Furniture To Glide Over A Range Of Flat Surfaces Like Carpet!
  • Really Helps To Prevent Tears / Rips Carpet Snags!
  • Helps Protect Furniture Legs From Early Corrosion, As A Result Of Wet Surfaces From Cleaning / Water - Liquids / Weather / Detergents!
  • Quick and easy application - slips over existing caps

How to install:

  • Simply Pull Back The Edge To Easily Wrap Over Your Furniture Legs!

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