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Rectangle Silicone + Felt Filler - Floor Protector

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Introducing, Silicone x Felt Filler - Floor Protectors!

Additional Stick On Felt AttachmentĀ IncludedĀ - (Cut & Reshape)

Use the included Felt Fillers as an Odd Size Filler to Create a Tight Fit with your Furniture Leg.Ā 

Instant Benefits:

  • Helps Prevent Floor Scratches
  • Included Felt for Odd size FillersĀ 
  • Stretches Over Existing Furniture Caps
  • Commercial Grade Long-LastingĀ Silicone
  • Heavy Duty Silicone (1.5mm* Thick Soft Protective Walls)

Installation Recommendation:

  1. Cut & Reshape the Felt Fillers, then place the fillers inside the walls of the silicone caps to tighten the space.
  2. After step one, then you canĀ fit your new silicone caps to the bottom of your furniture legs.

      Need help with sizes?