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Rectangular Silicone Felt Chair Leg Protectors

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Introducing, Rectangular Silicone Felt Chair Leg Glides - Floor Protector!

Our Signature Silicone Caps just got a whole lot better! Now Included with Infused Felt! 

Reduced Noise - Longer-lasting Furniture - Floor Scratching Preventative Technology.


  • Heavy Duty Silicone (2mm* Thick Soft Protective Walls)
  • Included Felt to Help Provide Ease of Sliding
  • Helps Prevent Floor Scratches
  • Goes Straight Over Existing Furniture Caps
  • Long-Lasting Signature Silicone
  • (Now with) Infused Compressed Wool & Felt

It's the best protective measure for Timber Flooring & Tiled Flooring!

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