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Gecko Stick-on Furniture Glides

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The Stick-on Gecko Furniture Pad Glides have a super adhesive bond that adheres to flat surfaces!

The Easy Slide Pads will aid in protecting your flooring. In addition, it'll help to slide bulkier furniture items around flat-surfaced floors with sliding ease. Perfectly suitable to push over the carpet. Super resistance coating to sticky flooring (Ideal For Pubs With Sticky Carpet)

Benefits You'll Love:

  • Glides Over A Range Of Surfaces e.g: Carpet
  • Helps To Prevent Floor Damage When Moving Heavier Furniture!
  • Quick Easy Hassle Free Stick On Pads.

How to install:

  1. Clean the area first.
  2. Apply the Easy Slide Pad to the base.
  3. Allow time for the adhesive to set under the load of the furniture for a better bond.

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