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Gecko Tack-in Furniture Glides

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Tack-in Gecko Glides

Stop Chair Vibrations, Stop Noise & Stop Floor Scratches!

It doesn't stop there... Tack-in Gecko Glides Can Help Reduce Early Furniture Wear & Tear Generally Caused by High Friction... How?

Our Tack-in Gecko Glides are almost frictionless which naturally reduces the day-to-day stress of furniture joints. Made from Hydrophobic Compounds, the Tack-in Gecko Glide will have your Chair Gliding all over the shop, even over Sticky Surfaces such as Pub Surfaces or Simply over thick carpets.

Applicable Flooring:

  • Vynil
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Most Timber Flooring


  • 19mm - Base

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